Saturday, August 17, 2013

Using PlayStation 3 Controller with Android device !!!

You can never have enough controllers, right?

These wonderful little devices can be used with more than just an actual Playstation 3 of course . so  i’d like to show you how you can play all those awesome Android games with a PS3 controller. The process is easier than I thought, and you don’t need a special OTG USB cable , we’ll be using Bluetooth.

Here’s what you do need, though:
  • An official PlayStation 3 controller. Support for unofficial ones is not guaranteed even if the initial detection works.
  • A rooted and compatible Android phone.
  • A standard mini-USB to USB cable (comes with a PS3, any pretty much every digital camera ever sold).
  • A Windows PC.
  • Sixaxis Controller Application.
Here is a video showing PS3 controller connected to android in action .
in the this video i used Galaxy note (GT-N7000) & Nexus 7.
Games used : PES12 & Dead Trigger.

P.S :if you need any help in rooting your device or installing sixaxis app feel free to contact me on my email: