Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Microsoft Unveils New Windows Phone 8!!

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Windows Phone 8 at an event in San Francisco.

  Joe Belfiore, Vice President of Windows Phone claims that windows phone is invented to redesign the smartphone experience for the user!! With a design keeping the user closer to people and things that matter the most!

Windows phone 8 devices are a great companion to windows PC; Microsoft added new features to windows phone OS from previous versions. I will talking about these features further down. But first what makes windows phone so unique and special?

It’s the only phone that has live Tiles, and these live Tiles keep you up to date and provide live data from people and apps you have on your screen(such as facebook ,twitter, etc…). Live Tiles is different from android-IOS icons because it creates the experience of a personalized phone screen. Joe said "Windows phone 8 looks different... that’s because we didn't make windows phone for all of us, BUT for each of us". So, with pinned music, games, contacts, social networking apps and photos all just there on my phone screen you can get a sneak peek at who I am! One of the updated features is the ability to re-size the Tile to suite your preferences. In addition, live apps can update your lock screen with what’s going on in the world.

Now when it comes to apps, windows phone store has 120,000 apps; most of them free and virus or malware free. One of the new features in store is the "pick for you" which recommends apps based on what you and your friends like on Facebook. Also they added a feature called “data sense” which is clever in managing data and how an app uses this data. What is really impressive is that data sense compresses website size to save data! And it   helps you to locate Wifi Networks on the map.  {Is that what you meant?}

Windows phone 8 is Cloud connected through skydrive and xbox music so that photos, office documents, and music work across all windows devices including windows tablets and windows 8 PC's; no syncing no cables any more!

Notes are easy to take with "One Note" which supports voice notes, if you don’t own windows 8, it’s not a problem there are windows phone apps available for other PC versions and for mac. And you can sync contacts and music from iTunes, Zune or Windows Media Player.
People Hub is great in managing your contacts in Windows Phone and keep you updated to their news.
If we move to typing its very fast and easy using the world flow dictionary which learns also the words you type.
You can check more in this video!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SQZEkXCE_fY

Warning!!! Korean Galaxy M110S sold as Galaxy i9000

Got my hands on what its supposed to be Galaxy i9000, and like any device in arabic region need to install official arabic firmware for language support!
After the flashing process finished, and the new firmware booting and loading, i noticed no Samsung melody played!! Then After it loaded completely, i noticed in About phone tab in settings,  No IMEI, Home button is not working, Basedband: is Unkown, and the device dont play any kind of sound!!!  Booting to recovery to wipe/factory reset also not working!  Because the process requires you to use Home Button ( mentioned its not working)
Removed the battery and checked : written (Model :GT-i9000 and i9000GSMH)
Reflashed again official i9000 firmware still Same problem !! After all i managed to fix it  and posted How-tO Guide on XDA link below!!
But checking IMEI on web show different information( Model : SHW-M110S)  which is the korean Galaxy S!  Its cheaper than i9000 and sold as if its i9000 Scam Detected!!! 
So always do IMEI lookup here is the link for it :
LINK FOR FIX:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=33456997