Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Warning!!! Korean Galaxy M110S sold as Galaxy i9000

Got my hands on what its supposed to be Galaxy i9000, and like any device in arabic region need to install official arabic firmware for language support!
After the flashing process finished, and the new firmware booting and loading, i noticed no Samsung melody played!! Then After it loaded completely, i noticed in About phone tab in settings,  No IMEI, Home button is not working, Basedband: is Unkown, and the device dont play any kind of sound!!!  Booting to recovery to wipe/factory reset also not working!  Because the process requires you to use Home Button ( mentioned its not working)
Removed the battery and checked : written (Model :GT-i9000 and i9000GSMH)
Reflashed again official i9000 firmware still Same problem !! After all i managed to fix it  and posted How-tO Guide on XDA link below!!
But checking IMEI on web show different information( Model : SHW-M110S)  which is the korean Galaxy S!  Its cheaper than i9000 and sold as if its i9000 Scam Detected!!! 
So always do IMEI lookup here is the link for it :
LINK FOR FIX:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=33456997